Copyright 1992-2005 by Anthony Lee Collins

For Astoria


chapter one:
a quiet night at duffy's

chapter two:
a world so alive

chapter three:
the mystery dance

chapter four:
prove it (just the facts)

chapter five:
pre-war housing

chapter six:
one night at the quarter

chapter seven:

chapter eight:
live through this

chapter nine:
curse the darkness

chapter ten:
the funeral

chapter eleven:

the burning

chapter twelve:
like crazy paving

chapter thirteen:
the forces at work (part one)

chapter fourteen:
a short rest

chapter fifteen:
the forces at work (conclusion)

chapter sixteen:
carly (four years earlier)

chapter seventeen:
the dream, now

chapter eighteen:
the first night

chapter nineteen:
unleashing the demon

chapter twenty:
on separate stars

chapter twenty-one:
one day with doc morse


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